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While still busy and highly acclaimed and successful in his Integrative Health and Wellness and Natural Sports & Pain Medicine practice, Dr. Frank concurrently spent over twenty years in Youth & Adult Ministries, Bible teaching and directing global missions. He was called out of his private medical practice into full-time missions and ministry over fifteen years ago and has resumed part-time clinic duties stateside as well in the last five years. He has led or co-led and served in over 110 missions internationally. Thousands have joined his teams to Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.

Years ago, God began calling Dr. Frank beyond (not out of) the practice of medicine and into the healing ministry. He has trained and ministered with some of the nation's leading healing ministers and has spent years in preparing and developing his ministry and understanding of God's plan for His children regarding illness and suffering. As an anointed teacher with a mantel of healing placed on him, he has both seen healing from his hands in faithfulness to the Holy Spirit's leading and the powerful Name of Jesus, and has also taught men and women in the church to understand God's promises and His provisions for our wellness and to confer healing on their own.

As one who began experiencing the powerful Hand of God in miraculous healing at an early age, he has personal knowledge of the need for and the blessing of God's supernatural healing. He continually receives personal healing from Jesus for assaults where the enemy will try to afflict him in his demanding call. Many have seen miraculous healing in his missions and in his teaching and many others see their healing manifest in the days following his teaching.

Dr. Frank seeks to share the passage of healing impartation from Jesus to the Apostles to the disciples and on to -- you and me! He deals with tough questions of faith: Why do people get sick? Is sickness ever from God? Why do some die young? Is healing a gift or can you really learn to heal? What are the requirements to begin to heal? Is healing just for Christians? Is healing only for those who speak in tongues? Does the healing last forever? What if... ?

As a physician and an ordained pastor, Dr. Frank offers a unique perspective on healing and suffering. He is available for teaching, preaching and work- shops on healing and to teach congregations how to walk in the power and promise of the Word of God.

Finally, as God has developed Dr. Frank in his medical writings, He also is calling him out to begin his ministry writings. These upcoming resources will teach and encourage many to know their true identity in Christ and the blessings and responsibilities that identity entails.

"Healing ministry for physical, emotional and spiritual freedom."










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