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Mission Projects 2017

All projects need medical, dental, optometry, nursing, therapy AND NON-MEDICAL general helper, pastors and student volunteers. Projects and calendar are subject to change; *DO NOT make airline arrangements until your application is confirmed by GMP. Physicians, Dentists, Nurses, Therapists, Optometrists, Pastors, Students, and Non-medical General Helpers are welcome to apply!

*Precise dates pending.*


        Destination:        Registration:
April 18 - May 2, 2018
     Nepal: Kathmandu Valley and Bhote Kosi Valley   $1850 15 days
July 5-15, 2018
     Kenya: Kano Village, Nyalenda, Maisha Project   $1850 11 days
October/November 2018*
  México: Tierra Nueva, Chihuahua,
Clinica Angeles de  Esperanza
  $450 4 days


Please call or email for information- applications are available on this site.
Please plan ahead! It takes time to arrange international travel. Travel with
a purpose in 2017! Join GMP in Nepal, Kenya or M


"For... I was sick and you took care of me." Matthew 25: 36










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